Cultivate 4

Cultivating your business for tomorrow’s market

Mobile Application Development

The application market continues to grow globally and is a huge opportunity for your company to interact with your customers in a new way. Through apps we've seen companies reach new countries and customers that they’ve previously been unsuccessful in marketing. At Cultivate 4 we specialise in creating mobile applications which can pull and push information to your online systems to give your portfolio a holistic feel and keep your content centralised for easy management.

Web-based System Development

We have experience in building systems from e-commerce to event and conference booking. Your systems, usually comprised of applications and a database, need to be accessible anywhere to meet the demands of your mobile customers. Increasingly companies are investing in web-based cloud hosted systems. These systems are flexible and scalable to meet the demand of hundreds, thousands or millions of users and enable your staff to efficiently and effectively interact with your customers wherever they are.

Responsive Websites

Traditionally websites don’t adapt to fit different screen sizes so users have to scroll up, down and across. By changing the layout of your content to make the best use of the space available, responsive websites adapt to the screen size your user is viewing your website on without you having to manage multiple ‘copies’ of your website for different mediums. At Cultivate 4 we specialise in making responsive websites for mobiles, tablets and desktops. We can also help plan your content strategy to enable you to create content that can be used on all devices.

Holistic Solutions

All our services join up together to provide your company with a complete end-to end solution. We can seamlessly create your web-based system with an Application Programming Interface (API) - a gateway where communication between applications takes place - to feed your responsive website and native mobile applications. We are able to provide you with a complete solution that we guarantee will work together.